Bahasa Indonesia

Indonesia is a multi-languages country; Bahasa Indonesia as the national language and other kinds of local languages, formal and slang (alay). It is not as English, Indonesian language has a wide flexibility level in the sense of grammatical consistency. Moreover the social media like twitter has a limited access to input the characters, only 140 characters allowed, make the writing styles gone informal. Since the early 2010, MediaWave conducts a research deeply over the conversations in Social Media. We define the parameters to interpret the consumer's perception and distribute it based on the industrial category. Above the commercial brand, we also provide a research for the non-commercially institutions such as public agency and political party. Based on that value, MediaWave is the reliable platform for the social media monitoring and analysis in Indonesia.

Localized Account

The common frequently used Social Media in Indonesia are Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Forum, Online News, Youtube and Image. For the Indonesian market, MediaWave have kinds of methods to observe and analyzes localized account only from Indonesia. All those localized account are very important for the International Brand so that the marketers in Indonesia are not necessary to capture the conversations coming from overseas. Moreover the local brand now also associated with the other countries organizations even linked to other countries generally. This platform, MediaWave, ascertains that the all captured conversations are originally from Indonesia.

Unlimited Stream

The differentiation between the social media and the conventional media is the common amount of conversations. We can not restrict the amount of conversations and where all those conversations are sourced. Therefore, MediaWave set the amount of measured and observed conversations unlimited. Hence those conversations are necessary to be measured and to be observed, not depend through the sampling only.

Benefits in our monthly plans, you'll get :

1. Access to our easy-to-use and informative dashboard which provides you with :

  • Up-to-date snapshots of conversation in a given category

  • Our brand and our competitor's share of voice in each media

  • Easy-to-read information deliverd in clear graphical formats

  • Our brand digital positiong among competitors

  • Our industry category trending chart

2. Access to our conversation and engagement tools which allows you to :

  • Garner insights and information straight from your consumers

  • Provide up-to-the minute feedback to your consumers

  • Find out what they're saying about other brands as well

3. Access to detailed data including :

  • Conversation sentiment for your brand and competitors

  • Word cloud which gives you a quick view on the most popular words used in conjuction with your brand

  • Who your main influencers are

  • The important typical media for your industry

  • Consumers located by the city